Quick Start Guide

Blue Tiger USA affiliate partners have the unique opportunity to earn commission by referring customers to bluetigerusa.com. Each Blue Tiger USA affiliate partner earns 15% commission on every sale they refer. Learn more below.

  • How to enroll in the Blue Tiger USA affiliate program
  • Your affiliate link (sales commission tracking ID)
  • The affiliate dashboard
  • Blue Tiger USA media assets
  • Commission payouts

  • How to enroll in the Blue Tiger USA affiliate program

    Sign up to become a Blue Tiger USA affiliate partner here.

    • Once you have signed up, the next step is to complete your affiliate profile information.
    • Submit your account profile information and your affiliate partner application will go into review.
    • A pending account status in the review stage will typically receive approval within three business days. 

    Your affiliate link (sales commission tracking ID)

    Once your affiliate partner application has been approved, you will receive an approval email notification similar to the sample below. This approval email also contains your dedicated affiliate link (example highlighted in red). Share this link on your websites, social profiles, emails, etc. Your dedicated affiliate link is your sales tracking ID. You will earn commission on all purchases attributed to your dedicated affiliate link. However, the affiliate link does not embed the discount, users will need to enter discount code separately.


    The affiliate dashboard

    Once you become an approved Blue Tiger USA affiliate partner, you will have full access to your affiliate dashboard. You can log in to your affiliate dashboard here (top right corner).

    Your affiliate dashboard is where you can view and manage your current affiliate performance. Within your affiliate dashboard, you'll have access to statistical data such as clicks, sales conversions, and commission amount. Blue Tiger USA brand assets and your affiliate referral link & discount code can also be found under "Media Assets" within your affiliate dashboard library for marketing purposes.

    Blue Tiger USA media assets

    Blue Tiger USA brand and marketing materials can be found within the media assets section of your affiliate dashboard. Within this section you will find:

    1. Your dedicated affiliate referral link.
    2. Your specialized promotional coupon code.
    3. Blue tiger brand assets with embed code. Please note that the embed code for each asset already contains your dedicated affiliate referral link.

    Commission payouts

    Commissions are paid out once your account reaches a threshold amount of USD 100.00. Commissions are paid by ACH or PayPal and applied to the applicable information on file.