Blue Tiger’s Solare is the World’s First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset – now available

Blue Tiger’s Solare is the World’s First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset – now available

Image you are wearing headphones which run out of power and there’s no where to plug in to recharge and you forgot the power bank at home. What to do? Well, Blue Tiger may have the solution with the new Solare Headphones that recharge using the power of the sun or artificial lighting, de[ending on your environment. The Solare headphones are aimed at pretty much anyone who would benefit from potentially unlimited battery life and 97% noise cancellation, be that in the office, home, or outdoor environments.

The Solare headphones use Powerfoyle solar technology to transform any outdoor and indoor light (artificial or natural) into clean endless energy thanks to a thin, non-toxis, flexible solar panel that is produced with zero emissions.

“We are very excited to ship the world’s first solar powered wireless communications headset to the market,” said Chantal Saah, President, Blue Tiger USA. “Solare is changing hands-free communications, ensuring a safer driving experience and a cleaner, sustainable energy source for all, whether in the office, at home, or on the road. Solare is the first of its kind and we are very proud to introduce it.”


  • Military Grade: MIL-STD-810 for extreme environments and ruggedness.
  • Solar Technology: Uses patented Powerfoyle solar cell technology.
  • No need to recharge: Provides virtually unlimited use without the need to recharge.
  • Usage: Limitless talk time.
  • Noise canceling: 97% Noise cancelation for clear audio.
  • Audio: High-quality speaker components.
  • Flexible headband: Durable, reliable, and seamlessly integrated — comfortable for long-time use.
  • Operating Temperatures: -4 Degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology: With extended 300 ft. range.
  • Siri and Google Assistant compatible: For hands-free communication.
  • IP Rating: Water resistant to IPX4. 

How Much?

The Solare headphones are now on sale on Blue Tiger’s online store at $219 and will be available on Amazon in the coming days for the same price.


Blue Tiger's Solare is the World's First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset - now on sale -