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Solare Headset: Self-Charging Solar-Powered Bluetooth Comms Device For Unlimited Talk Time


  • Blue Tiger received a new award from CES 2022
  • Its new Bluetooth headset is recognized as world's first-ever solar-powered headset
  • Dubbed Solare Headset, it features 97% noise cancellation

A couple of decades after the introduction of the first Bluetooth headset, the device now comes in varying sizes, shapes and features. Over time, users, particularly those using headsets for communications, discovered one major issue about this listening and talking hardware -- they run out of battery in times when there's a need to stay connected. Blue Tiger's Solare Headset promises to resolve this issue and offers a lot more.

No inconvenient charging needed 

Typical Bluetooth headsets require at least six to eight hours of charging to activate the battery and between two to three hours after every charge. But users of the new Bluetooth communications headset from Blue Tiger will never have to do this inconvenient task, ever.

Dubbed as the world's first-ever self-charging solar-powered headset, Solare Bluetooth features the proprietary Powerfoyle. This is a revolutionary light charging material that allows the device to self-charge by transforming any indoor and outdoor light into clean and endless energy.

Designed for consumers with demanding needs such as professional drivers, long-distance travelers, road warriors and truckers, this unique solar cell embedded on the headband allows Solare Bluetooth to provide extended or even perpetual battery life.

With this feature, users will not have to worry about the battery life of the headset, allowing them to receive and send crucial information when the need arises.

Hands-free communication

Businesses looking for ways to increase their employees' productivity can let them use a hands-free Bluetooth headset. Research conducted by H.B. Maynard & Co., Inc alongside a communications equipment company revealed using hands-free headsets instead of the traditional phone improves productivity by 43%.

Solare Headset can give drivers and long-distance travelers extra freedom, mobility and flexibility. They can also keep their eyes on the road and concentrate on driving to avoid accidents, making them more alert.

Aside from being wireless, Solare Headset is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 that offers a more stable device communication compared to previous Bluetooth versions. It also uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that reduces the energy usage of Bluetooth devices, apart from allowing devices to communicate over distances of up to 800 feet.

Solare Headset delivers ultimate hands-free functionality with its  Google Assistant and Siri connection feature. This allows users to access functions that usually require the use of a hand. 

The feature enables its users to pick up a call, send a message, make a call and a lot more. All this can be done even if their mobile devices are inside their pockets.

Maximum listening and speaking experience

Unlike other Bluetooth communications devices, Solare Headset features soft cushions that shut in the user's ears, ensuring very little to zero noise gets through. This device is ideal for those who need to shut out the hum of the air conditioning unit or the sound coming from the surrounding.

With its 97 percent noise cancellation technology feature, it filters up to 97 percent of background sounds or noises. Through this, users deliver a crisp and clear message while the person on the other end only hears the user's voice, even in noisy instances.

Comfort and durability

Solare Headset features a flexible, sturdy and dependable headband with military-grade MIL-STD-810 specifications, perfect for users with demanding needs as well as for those exposed to extreme environments or conditions. This Bluetooth headset can operate in temperatures between -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 50 degrees Celsius).

Final verdict

The Blue Tiger Solare Headset is a self-charging solar-powered headset that does not need any external charging. Aside from the unlimited talk time, this headset allows users to focus on the road and avoid distractions that usually result in accidents. 

It features noise cancellation technology that fosters clear communications. It is a military-grade headset that can withstand extreme environments. 

Solare Headset is self-sustaining and innovative as it uses a unique and innovative nano-material Powerfoyle. Being recognized as the world's first-ever solar-powered Bluetooth headset because of its outstanding features makes Solare Headset our Best of CES 2022 award.


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Solare Headset: Self-Charging Solar-Powered Bluetooth Comms Device For Unlimited Talk Time (